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InfoGraphic - Digital Marketing Brand Positioning Opportunities for Sales & Marketing Professionals from Worldwide

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Checklist – Basic check list to begin with Social & Business Media Marketing

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Checklist for Digital Marketing Professionals - First Step - Creating Digital Footprints on Digital Neighborhood

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InfoGraphic - Become a 'Early Bird' to Adopt Digital Personal Branding Strategies for your Business & Career

"Become a 'Early Bird' to Adopt Digital Personal Branding Strategies for your Business & Career."

By Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Coach

Friday, December 7, 2012

InfoGraphic - Know about your Marketplaces - In Search of Like Minded Professionals?

"In Todays Customer Driven Digital Marketplaces, Every Professional is In Search of Like Minded People."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Short Story - Test of Three Socrates - What type of Content you should share with your Social & Business networks to build your Personal Brand Positioning on Digital neighborhood marketplaces? Forwarded Story

You can get (VCP)=Visibility plus Credibility and Profitability also if you properly leverage your social updates on various Social Media websites.. I would like to share one small story I found on social media. This story will be helpful you to get idea about what kind of updates you need to post on your social wall.

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom. One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?"

"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell me, I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Test of Three."


"That's right, Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my student let's take a moment to test what you're going to say. The first test is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it."

"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's True or not."

"Now let's try the second test, the test of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?"

"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him even though you're not certain it's true?"

The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.

Socrates continued. "You may still pass though, because there is a third test - the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be Useful to me?"

"No, not really..."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Embedded Effect for Brand Positioning on Digital Marketplaces- How to publish Video's, Presentations, Polls & Survyes, Images on my blog? FAQ by Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

You can use Embedded codes to publish your various types of Personal Branding Promotional content on your blog & establish your Digital Brand Positioning on Digital neighborhood Marketplaces.

Many websites has been providing embedded code to publish their content on your websites / blog.
As a sales and marketing Professional you must know this latest web application tool to communicate & collaborate with your customers through your blog & build your personal brand or online reputation in Like minded customers community.

1. How to Publish your presentations on your blog?

You can make your profile on and upload your presentations on your profile. Now you can simply copy embedded code of each presentation and publish it on your blog.

2. How to Publish your Video's on your blog?

You can create your account on and upload your video's in your account and publish your videos on your blog with the help of embedded code.

3. How to Publish your Polls & Survyes on your blog?

Create your poll in Linkedin and copy embedded code to publish your poll on your blog.

4. How to Publish Images / Photos album or slideshow on your blog?

You can create your account on & publish your photos / images / album on your blog with the help of embedded code.

Key Benefits for Sales and Marketing Professionals -

1. Give direct presentations through your blog.
2. Save your time to meet your current & prospective customer.
3. Give product demo online with the help of presentations, product videos etc.
4. Share your product catalogs with the help of your blog and start building your digital personal branding on digital neighborhood marketplaces.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

InfoGraphic - How to Build a Strong Business Network of Like Minded Persons on Digital Neighborhood - FAQ by Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

InfoGraphic - Highly Effective Digital Leadership Core Strategies for Expert & Busy Sales and Marketing Professionals

InfoGraphic - 4 'R' Theory for Digital Marketing Professionals

1. Right Time -
Digital Marketing Experts always ready to adopt latest opportunities, to face difficulties, to explore discoveries in a very early stage (Right Time).

2. Right People - 
Successful Professionals Connects Right People time to time and always building a strong Business Network of Like Minded People.

3. Right Strategy - 
Successful Business persons always Implement Right Strategies (they always applying various strategies) to get Success.

4. Right Places -
Successful Marketing professionals always searching Right Places to Promote their Businesses.

Monday, November 26, 2012

InfoGraphic - Digital Personal Branding Strategy for Busy & Expert Sales & Marketing Professionals

# 1 Create your Personal Blog -
Your Personal Blog will help you to Build your Personal Brand on Digital Neighborhood.

# 2 Create Your Friends Network -
Your Friends Network will help you to Engage with Like Minded People.

# 3 Create Your Professionals Network -
Build Strong and Bigger Business Network of Like Minded People.

# 4 Integrate your Blog with your Social & Professional Networks with the Help of RSS feeds.

# 5 Share Your Knowledge Through your Blog
Now when you post on your Blog that time your social and Business Network will get that Updates with short URL of your Each Blog Post.

Key Benefits for Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

# 1 Single Point Content / Knowledge / Updates Sharing on your Blog and your Blog will help you to Update your Social, Business & Micro-blogging Networks same time.

# 2 Save your Valuable Time.

# 3 Update your Social and Business Network as per your Suitable Time.

# 4 You can Focus on Building Strong, Bigger & Better Business Network.

You can Participate in our Digital Personal Branding Blogging Workshop to Learn above Digital Personal Branding Strategy. This Strategy is very useful for Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals from Various Industries. 

We are now organize our workshop in Mumbai and soon planning to organize in Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Kolkata and many other Indian cities. 

More Information check this website 

InfoGraphic - 4 C's to get Success on Digital Neighborhood Marketplaces

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InfoGraphic - Digital Marketing Idea can bring many business opportunities - Digital Marketing Insights

"Digital Marketing Idea can bring many Business opportunities,
If you take action and adopt CHANGE."

Monday, November 19, 2012

FAQ by Busy Executives - How to Schedule my Social Media Updates, My Tweets, My blog posts on various social media sites?

5 Keys to Leverage Social media time management Strategy & update your various social media sites as per your schedule date & time.

1.  - Social media Time management.

Key Benefits - Publish your social updates as per your suitable date & time on your Facebook newsfeed, your Facebook Pages & your Twitter.

2. - Blogging Time Management.

Key Benefits - You can create a schedule for your blog post & publish it as per your suitable Date & Time.

3. - RSS feed Management & Social media Integration.

Key Benefits -
A. You can connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin through your blogs RSS feeds.
B. When you publish on your blog that time help you to publish one tweet or update (with short URL of your blog post) on your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

4. Connectivity - Connect your Twitter handle to your Linkedin profile.

Key Benefits - When you Publish your Update on Linkedin it will also help you to publish same update in your Twitter wall.

5. Connectivity - Connect your Twitter handle to your Facebook profile.

Key Benefits - When you publish any tweet on twitter then same tweet or update will also publish on your Facebook newsfeed.

Twitter gives you an opportunity to connect many social media sites.

If you have any question kindly contact me to get prompt answer.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

FAQ - Twitter ReTweet & other Social bookmarking Tools - How to Drive Web Traffic on your Blog / Website through Social bookmarking buttons?

Step 1

Sharing your knowledge is the best Advertising and Marketing and for that you need a personal blog.
Make your personal blog first to start Smarter digital personal branding on Internet & start effective digital marketing blogging activities to build strong business network of like minded people on digital neighborhood.
Following websites can help you to make your personal blog.


Step 2

Add Social Bookmarking buttons on your blog with the help of

Key Benefits for Expert Sales & Marketing Professionals -

1. Begin Implementation of Digital Time Management Strategy for your blog promotions in social media marketplaces.

2. Save your Valuable Time. Simply click on social bookmarketing button to promote your blog post on various Social Media websites.

3. You can Retweet your new & old blog posts time to time & educate your social friends from various time zones.

4. When someone Click on Facebook 'Like' button on your blog post that time 'that blog post update' appears in that persons Facebook wall.

5. You can ask your Team members to promote your promotional material on your blog with the help of social bookmarking tool.

6. You can send perticular blog post through e-mail also with the help of social bookmarking tools.

7. You can have an opportunity to get Web Traffic from your social friends network & their friends network also with the help of social bookmarking tools.

8. So more Retweet can bring more traffic on your blog.

How many time you do Retweet?

I would be very glad if you Retweet this blog post :-)

Kindly Click on tweet button to Retweet this post.

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Personal Branding Influence Checklist- How to Check / Measure / Track your Digital Social Media Marketing efforts ?

You can check your Social Media Influence Ranking with the help of following websites.


You can start using following web tracking tools to get your websites visitors traffic details.


You can also keep eye on following 10 Key points to keep track of your Digital Social Media Marketing efforts &  Track Digital Personal Branding Trends of your Business Networks, Social Networks & Your Website.

Ask following Key questions to yourself to get proper statistics about your efforts -

1. How many network members endorsing you everyday?

2. How many Customers Recommendations & Feedback you are getting each day?

3. How many people click Like button, give comments, share your social updates on various social and business networking websites and on your blog posts?

4. How many people reading your each blog post? How much web traffic your blog / website getting per day?

5. What Keywords people typing in search engines to find your blog or website?

6. Your website appears in search engines through which keywords? How many Keywords?

7. How many Invites you are receiving through various social & business networking websites?

8. How many people checking your profiles on various social communities?

9. How many inquiries you are receiving through digital marketing activities?

10. How many business network members buying your products and services?

Personal & Social Branding through E-mail - How to send colorful E-mail to Attract Attention & Impress your social friends and your Customers?

1. Would you like to impress your friends & customers when they open your email?

2. Would you like to submit your social media profiles links in your email signature?

3. Would you like to send colorful email?

4. Would you like to Use your e-mail more effectively?

5. Would you like to use your e-mail for building your  personal brand?

Then you can check this website  to learn more about this innovative e-mail branding tool.

Its a very simple way to begin digital personal branding through your E-mail.e

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Activities or Tasks every Digital Marketers must do every day to improve your Personal Brand? FAQ by Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

Following 4 Key Activities will help you to build your Digital Personal Brand Image on digital neighborhood.

If you can invest few minutes on following activities everyday, then you can easily build Like minded persons business network.

1. Be Proactive - Ask & Answer your Industry related queries. Share your Solutions. Share your Knowledge.  Refer experts.

Key Benefits - Create opportunities to HELP & MEET  prospective customers on digital neighborhood on daily basis.

2. Learn & Share your Knowledge - Read Updates, Read Tweets, Write Blog posts and keep yourself & your business network updated time to time.

Key Benefits - Keep eye on latest happening in your business & stay updated to grab & share opportunities on right time with right people.

3. Law of Reciprocation - Appriciate others Updates, tweets, blog posts through  Like' & 'Comments' tools. You must share & retweet useful posts by your Social Friends on your social wall.

Key Benefits - Create Win-Win opportunities to grow faster & help your social friends communities. If you promote others in your network then others will also promote you in their network

4. Share your new & old blog posts through Retweet button on your blog.

Key Benefits - Promote your blog content via Retweet button.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Would you like to Learn latest  Digital Marketing Strategies?

Yogesh has been creating FAQ's on Digital Personal Branding, Digital Brand Positioning, Digital Brand Building, Digital Image building, Social Media Marketing and a list of many other Digital Marketing related topics.

You can send us your questions related to digital marketing.

You can also participate in our Offline Digital Marketing Workshops in Mumbai. We are soon planning to organize our Digital Personal Branding Workshops in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Chandigarh & many other Indian cities. More info check this website

You can contact us to organize digital marketing training program in your office in your city.

Twitter FAQ - How to build Bigger, Better, Effective, Potential & Targeted followers network on Twitter?

Building network on Twitter is easy and also difficult task. Its easy because huge number of professionals using Twitter. Its difficult because you have more choices to select Like Minded People from large amount of people on Twitter.

You can Leverage Twitter using following 7 tips list to drive traffic on your blog or website & building big network on twitter.

Step 1 - Follow people on Twitter. You can also check this website

Key Benefits - Create opportunities to build your Footprints.

Step 2 - Follow Back your twitter followers.

Key Benefits - Create Win-Win opportunity to build big followers network.

Step 3 - Share Quality content tweets & connect your blog to your twitter handle.

Key Benefits - Attract your current and prospective followers, employers, customers etc.

Step 4 - Search 'Link Minded People'  with the help of

Key Benefits - Build your Twitter network more effectively.

Step 6 -  Read Tweets and Re-tweets

Key Benefits - Learn & Grab opportunities from reading tweets on right time.

Step 7 - Connect your Twitter handle to various social networking sites.

Key Benefits - Expand your network and publish your tweets in various network simultaneously.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Digital Empowerment - How to Leverage Digital Collaboration or Cloud Computing Technologies? FAQ by Sales & Marketing Professionals

1. If you are a Sales person and would like to Send or Share sales quotations, products catalog with your current or prospective Customers then SHARE your promotional marketing material with the help of

Key Benefits -
A. No need to send your document via e-mail attachment.
B. You can share simple URL of your document and your client can see your document online.
C. Every time your client open your shared documents, you will get one e-mail acknowledgement.

2. If you are a Business Owner & would like to Work from Home Computer or your Laptop Computer, your Smartphone or Tablet Computer then use to connect all devices to share your files.

Key Benefits - You can access your files from any device and Work from anywhere.

3. If you are using Smartphone or Tablet Computer and would like to write content and like to access that content from your Computer then use service.

Key Benefits - You can take notes via your SmartPhone or Tablet Computers and can access that files from your computer or any other device. You can get an Opportunity Work from any device.

4. Would you like to Share your presentations with your customers online then upload your presentations and documents on

Key Benefits - You can publish your presentations on your website or blog also with the help of

5. Would you like to make documents, presentations online then use office tools.

Key Benefits - You can have your online office with the help of Google Docs.

6. Would you like to make your personal e-mail id on your own domain name then use

Key Benefits - You can have many other services on your domain with the help of Google Apps.

7. Would you like to make your own Blog / Website on your own domain then use

Key Benefits - You can make your blog easily on Blogger.

8. Would you like to know Traffic of your Website / Blog then use

Key Benefits - You can get various types of traffic  analysis about your blog or website.

9. Would you like to SHARE your product Video with your customers then use

Key Benefits - You can Share your products video on your blog or websites also with the help of YouTube.

Similarly many tools and services empowering sales and marketing people today.

If you have any specific question on above collaboration or cloud computing tools then kindly contact me. I would be very glad to help you. For more FAQ's check this Link.

If you would like to suggest some more  websites to improve above list then kindly contact me.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Digital Personal Branding Strategy - 4 Keys to Leverage Blogging for Customer Acquisition. How do Experts Do This?

1. Create  - Your Digital Personal Brand Positioning on digital neighborhood.

A. Create your personal Blog to Reach New B2B & B2C Customers on Internet.

Key Benefit Tips - Beginning of your Digital Personal Branding & Business networking on digital planet.

B. Create your 'Elevator Pitch' Presentation or 'Video Resume' and publish it on your Blog's 'About Us' page.

For example check this link

Key Benefits - You can give presentation via your blog.

C. Create your Personal Branding Image Building Content on your blog to Get Attention from your prospective customers and other like minded people. Build your own Brand Property Content.

Key Benefits - Share your Key knowledge to impress your digital audience and Build your Credibility.

D. Create your short introduction letter for your social & business networking connections and publish it in your 'Contact Us' page.

For example check this link

Key Benefits - Build digital business network with the help of your blog.

E. Create your QR code and publish it in 'Contact Us' page.

Key Benefits -  Stay Connected to Smart phone and Tablet users.

2. Connect - Key communities to your Blog.

A. RSS feeds - You can connect your blog to your Twitter Handle with the help of

Key Benefits -  When you publish new post on your blog that time will create automatic Tweet with short URL of your blog which will appear on your twitter wall.

B. Comment Tool - You can add unique comments tool with the help of on your blog.

Key Benefits - Many social media sites users can publish comments on your blog.

C. E-mail community - Add e-mail subscription tool on your blog to connect your blog readers. This is popularly known as Opt-in E-mail marketing or premission based e-mail marketing. You are promoting your blog with Like minded people through e-mail.

Key Benefits -  When you publish new post on your blog these readers will get automatic email from your blog.

3. Collaborate - with Key Technologies

A. Publish your presentations on and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - You can give product and services demo through your blog. Opportunity to educate people through presentations on Internet.

B. Publish your Videos on and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - Broadcast your Ideas through your blog. Showcase your skills through videos.

C. Create various types of FORMS with the help of and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - Collect data through your blog.

D. You can create polls on Various polls creation websites and Share your polls on your blog.

Key Benefits -  Get survey, opinions through your blog.

4. Conversations - Communication with customers 24/7

A. Ask your business network members to SHARE their opinions & comments on your blog.

Key Benefits - Engage with people through your blog.

B. Ask your blog readers to connect you through various social & business networking sites.

Key Benefits - Build readers network through your blog.


Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Yogesh organizing Blogging workshop for Sales and marketing people from India. More info visit our web site -

Would you like to Learn Digital Customer acquisition Strategies and personal brand positioning then contact us to organize our Digital marketing training workshops for Key People in your Company.

We are planning to organize our Blogging Workshop in various cities like Cochin, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bhopal, Nagpur, Pune, Shimla, Siliguri, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and many other cities from India.
You can Contact us to organise Digital Marketining Training Workshops in your office, in your city for your Sales & Marketing Team.

You can Contact Us to organize Digital Marketing Training program for your Sales and Marketing Team in your Office in your city.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Digital Time Management & Positioning- 6 Keys to Leverage Win-Win Strategy for Digital Marketing Leadership. How do You do this?

1. Business Networking Strategy - Find Opportunities and Adopt Key Technologies & Marketplaces to Communicate, Meet, Connect, Collaborate with your Customers, Where they are.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Connect Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build Strong Business Network.

2. Invest in Relationships Strategy - If you are looking for Help from Others then Start Helping people from your Business Network. Make a habit of Helping people to get Excellence in Customer Retention Strategy.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Help Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build bigger, better and helpful Friends Network.

3. Sharing is Caring Strategy - On Digital marketplaces if you want to explore viral effects for your Marketing Promotion Campaigns, your Blog posts, Updates or Tweets, Presentations, Videos etc. then YOU need to START Sharing, Liking, Commenting on other persons blog posts, Social Updates & Tweets. This Strategy also popularly known as Customer Conversation Strategy.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Promote Like minded People on your Business Network.

Key Benefits - Build Rapport with Like minded persons.

4. Event Marketing Strategy or Customer Engagement Strategy- If you are organizing Business Events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Lecture, Training Workshops, Business Lunch meeting etc. & would like to promote (Market or Targeting Audience) in your Business Network then before that you must Attend many Business events organized by others and grab opportunity to meet your Business network members.

Action for win-win opportunities - Invest Time to Meet Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build offline visibility in your Business network.

5. Hunters Strategy or Customer Targeting Strategy - If you are Job Hunting or Marketing your products and Services then FIND your prospective Employers or Customers Footprints (like customer websites/blogs, network members updates, understand their problems so that you can offer your products and services solutions etc.) or CREATE your Footprints on various digital community platforms.

Action for win-win opportunities- Invest Time to Learn Customer needs.

Key Benefits - Discover your Customer needs.

6. Farmers Organic Strategy or Customer Acquisition Strategy- Create your own Community (Blog /website / group/ business networks /product catalogs / presentations / videos) on Glocal Digital Planet.

Action for win-win opportunities - Invest time to Create your Digital Brand Property.

Key Benefits - Build your Digital Brand Positioning & Attract Customers Attention.

Yogesh M. A. 
Digital Marketing Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Yogesh organizing Digital Marketing Positioning Training Workshops in Mumbai and very soon planning to organize in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Pune, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other cities in India.

If you are into Sales and Marketing field and would like to Participate in our workshops then kindly add me in your Business networtk to explore opportunities and update each other time to time.

Contact Us to organize training program for your sales team.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marketing Without Boundaries - 5 Keys to Leverage Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Inspire Yourself & Your Friends Network & Your Business Network through Digital Time Management Strategy & Digital Learning Strategy.

Benefits - Create your Digital Brand Image or Identity on Digital neighborhood Marketplaces.

2. Vision - Build Bigger & Better Digital Business networks of Like minded people from Worldwide Glocal Village through Business Networking Strategy.

Benefits - Meet your Customers where They are.

3. Discover New Digital Marketplaces or Communities to Promote your Products and Services.

Benefits - Zero Investment Advertising or Brand Building Opportunity.

4. Experiment with New Digital Strategies to improve your Visibility (Branding) on Digital Marketplaces.

Benefits - Create Digital Brand Property.

5. Results - Gain  VCP=(Visibility+Credibility+Profitability) on Right Time, from Right People, with Right Market Places.

Benefits - Create, Connect, Collaborate & Communicate with your Current & Prospective Customers through Your Digital Business Eco-System.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Yogesh organize Digital Branding and Marketing Training Workshops for Sales & Marketing Professionals in India.

Kindly Connect Yogesh through your Business Networks to Explore Opportunities and Update Each others time to time.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tips & Tricks - Digital Business Communication Tips - :) Smile Please through digital way

Hi Friends :)

Recently I had received following interesting message from my Business network member.

A Smile is the Best Credit Card because

1. Accepted worldwide
2. Auto Reload
3. Unlimited Usage
4. No payment at all
5. Makes everyone Happy

On Digital marketplaces we are interacting with many people through E-mail, Chat, Social Updates, Tweets etc.

I remember one person had been always using :) emoticon begining of the Chat or message, It impresed me very much. It was like this

Hi  Yogesh :)
How are you

Now I also begin my conversations like this.

This Smile emoticon create strong Impact. People like smile in conversations.

We are using this :) emoticon many time in our chat conversations.

You can build rapport with your business network through effective communication strategies.

Tip of the Day - Strategy -
Use :) Smily emoticon Every Time When you Start your Digital Conversation on E-mail, Chat or Social Updates.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Participate in our Digital Marketing Training Workshops to Learn many Digital Personal Branding Strategies.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Microblogging - How to Leverage Twitter? How do YOU do This?

Twitter has been creating opportunities to meet your current and prospective Customers, where they are.

Your Tweets can be viewed beyond your Twitter network also. Your customer can get your same  tweets on various other friends and business networks at the same time.

You can follow Five Steps Leveraging formula to Enhance your micro-blogging promotion campaigns.

1. Inspire your Digital networks  through sharing your knowledge on Twitter. - This site helps you to update your twitter through RSS feeds. - Upload your images on twitter.

2. - Monitor your Tweets more innovative and interactive way on your Tablet computer and stay updated all the time..

3. Discover Digital Time Management Strategy. - This website helps you to publish your pre-written or post-dated tweets as per your suitable  date and time schedule.

4. Experiments - Attract attention or Get noticed on many digital platforms same time.

A. Connect your Blog to your twitter.
B. Connect your other social networks to your twitter account.
5. Get results or Check your Digital influence
A. Check your web traffic analytics of your blog website.
B. Check your online social media influence through following websites.

Follow me @glocalsources to explore opportunities and update each other time to time.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Would you like to ask any question about Digital Marketing?

Kindly contact me here

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A brief introduction of Facebook Community

Because of Facebook social media became popular and now almost every Individual and professionals using Facebook for

1. Communication
2. Collaboration
3. Connections

And for many other creative purposes.

Everyone is trying to market their Skills on Facebook.

Facebook has been creating opportunity for you to become a writer on your wall and you can build your own community or network.

Now it is time to build bigger and better Like minded person's network on Facebook to sustain in todays social networking world.

Stay connected on a Digital Growth Track.

I would be very glad if you add me in your Facebook friends network to explore opportunities and update each other time to time.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Coach from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Monday, October 29, 2012

eBook for Blogging - Joy of Blogging - 5 C's of blogging

eBook for Job seekers and Recruiters - A Click Away Jobs

A Click Away Jobs - By Yogesh M. A.
View more documents from Yogesh M. A.

We are very glad to inform you that now we are organizing Business Networking Workshop for Job seekers and Recruiters. For more information you can check this link 

Checklist for Blogger - The Process of Blogging Workshop

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What People Want or Expect from YOU on Digital neighbourhood marketplaces? FAQ

1. People want to build Rapport with Expert Professionals like you.

2. People want to become your friend and would like to connect through various Social & Business networking web sites.

3. People would like to Hire you or Share business opportunities with you.

4. People want your valueable Reference to Hire people in their companies.

5. People want to invite you on their company website, personal or business blogs.

6. People Expect from you to share something that Benefits them.

7. People want you to share their posts on your Walls.

8. People expect from you to give your valueable Comment, Opinion or Feedback on their Social updates, blog posts or product promotion posts.

9. People expect from  you to participate in theire online or offline events like meetup,  seminar, training programs and other gatherings.

10. People  want to know more about YOU & your skills, your expertise, your work, your achivements so that they can also Appriciate and offer RIGHT opportunities with you on RIGHT time.

By Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India.

We organize Digital Image brand building workshops for Industry expert professionals.
Kindly connect me here to know more about our training workshops programs.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is Digital Marketing in 21st century Era? How do They do it?

Sharing your value added knowledge about YOU, your products, services, your product promotions, your Industry, market trends, Business opportuities etc. with your Digital Business networks and many  other digital platforms is  popularly known as Digital Marketing in todays New Era.

Digital marketing includes following Four Key activities -

1. Creating Awareness or creating your "Digital Footprints"  on digital marketplaces.

A. Create/Update blog/Website/Business blog

B. Connect/Create/Update  Friends network and Professionals network.

C. Connect Like Minded People & make strong digital Business networks.

2. Creating Demand or Digital Influence - through sharing your Image/Brand building Knowledge on your blog and with Like minded persons networks.

3. Measure  Demand or traffic analytics - through  various digital platforms.

4. Measure Effectiveness or Results - Keep eye on Likes, Comments, Views, Replies, Web stats and many other statistics to get Ideas about your knowledge sharing activities.

1. Your BLOG can become a  Digital Communicater between you and digital marketplaces.

2. Like minded persons strong network can help you to CREATE Awareness about your products and services on digital marketplaces.

3. You can create demand or your digital influence through digital marketing.

4. You can easily measure effectiveness of your digital marketing activities.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing trainer from Mumbai, India.

If you would like to know more about Digital marketing or would like to participate in our offline Digital marketing Positioning training Workshops then kindly Connect me through various digital networks here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I didn`t Know This - Top 5 avoidable Mistakes for Expert Digital Marketers.

1. Connecting Unknown People - 

Do not send Invite or Friend request to those people whom you don't know or connected through any group or any other network. Instead of sending Invite for connection, 

Solution -Try to know them before connecting them. 

A. Ask questions in various groups to get answers from like minded people.
B. Answer in various platforms so that more like minded people will know about you.
C. Share your knowledge through your Blog, Business network.
D. Make presentations on your knowledge.

2. Connecting Wrong people -

If you are looking for JOBS then you need to connect HR people from your prospective and related Industries only. Connect those people whom you can help or seeking help from them. Do not create "only" Friends network.

Solution - Connect Like Minded People only.

3. Tagging  your network members - 

If someone TAG you without your permission that time what will be your opinion? Answer is no one like it.

Solution - Avoid it.

4. Sending messeges or e-mails to known and unknown people again and again -

If you wanted to share anything to your business network then use Update feature time to time.

Solution - Avoid Spaming

5. Using Reply All button -

Email had invented for one to one communication purpose only.

Solution - Do not use Reply All button.

Above all Five activities coming into Mistakes  Category. I had tried to find out another Words but couldn`t find appropriate Word.

If you wanted to become successful on Digital Marketplaces then you need to take above five mistakes as a Challenge  so that you can Discover  New Ways, New Strategies  for New Marketplaces.

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Yogesh M. A.

Digital Leadership Expert

Friday, April 20, 2012

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