Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Didn't Know This - 12 Worst Ways to stay away from Online Digital neighborhood Marketplaces

  1. Don’t have own blog or your online identity so that no one know more about you. Blog can help you to establish you on online place where people can find or explore your mirror image. What you write is your mirror image. If you wanted to explore online marketplaces for Jobs, Business or Marketing your products and services then people must know your online identity.
  1. Don’t have effective social media profiles so that people will take you casually like you take others. Your Social media profiles must be 100% so that people will take your seriously and consider you as a prospective employee, prospective customer or prospective employer or partner.
  1. Don’t  join groups or forums in your social media network so that you become invisible for your industry people who are actively participating various groups and increasing their network by just accepting membership of any group or forum or page.
  1. Don’t ask right questions to get right answers so that you are loosing opportunity to impress your industry people through your questions.
  1. Don’t answer questions properly and loose opportunity to impress your network where you can have an opportunity to impress entire business network.
  1. Don’t connect your twitter to other social media sites so that you need to update many social media sites for same update. Twitter gives you opportunity to update many social media site through one tweet. Use to connect your blog so that your post will automatically update your all social media sites.
  1. Don’t update your social media time to time. Every update gives you an opportunity to improve you personality, your likes, your reading, your opportunities, your success, your failure to your social media network.
  1. Don’t accept that social media sites are reality and these sites are using more than 500 millions peoples from more than 200 countries and its growing rapidly day by day.
  1. Don’t accept that your blog and your company website can bring buyers traffic. You should implement traditional and online media together and see the result.
  1. Don’t believe offline meetup so that you are loosing opportunity to meet many people in your city who may became your customers for your products and services.
  1. Don’t go for various conferences to learn in your field so that you are loosing opportunity to get success early.
  1. Don’t use online calendar to organize your meetings and other official and personnel meetings so that you are loosing opportunity to get one personnel virtual secretary who update you time to time about your schedule.

Evolution of Glocal Digital Neighborhood Marketplaces


World is becoming glocal village. Companies were claiming before few years ago that we are global or Multinational companies. Now companies can have opportunities to sell their products and services in any part of the world and companies becoming now Glocal.


1. Social media Neighborhood evolved since last five years and Facebook recently crossed figure of 500 million users and these users are divided into more than 200 countries. So that now world became Glocal means every part of the world became local for individual and companies.

2. LinkedIn is becoming worlds biggest Business Lounge where students, professionals and companies have win-win opportunities.

3. Migration: Few years ago when someone gets Jobs in overseas country that time it was very difficult to that person to establish in new place with new people. But now before joining any company social media gives us opportunity to collaborate with various types of people, understand their culture, place.

4. Easy Communication: We can talk with people using various types of applications, keep in touch constantly, and take feedback without disturbing them. Similarly we can keep message without sending any email. You can get various updates on your mobile devices through twitter and many other mobile apps.

5. Promotion: Few years ago people need to give interview to every company; they need to prove themselves every time to get jobs and business opportunities. But Social media helping us to know what is happening in our Online Neighborhood so that nowadays many people getting business or jobs opportunities through your social networks. People give reference through social media and if you have a great source of reference then sky is the only limit to get success.

6. EReaders will change the world of computing and like mobile devices; soon everyone will have their own eReader in coming five years.  People will learn many things very fast through these learning devices.

7. Meetings: 3G mobile services will help people to come together and you can meet people through mobile devices.