Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A brief introduction of Facebook Community

Because of Facebook social media became popular and now almost every Individual and professionals using Facebook for

1. Communication
2. Collaboration
3. Connections

And for many other creative purposes.

Everyone is trying to market their Skills on Facebook.

Facebook has been creating opportunity for you to become a writer on your wall and you can build your own community or network.

Now it is time to build bigger and better Like minded person's network on Facebook to sustain in todays social networking world.

Stay connected on a Digital Growth Track.

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Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Coach from Mumbai, India, Asia.

Monday, October 29, 2012

eBook for Blogging - Joy of Blogging - 5 C's of blogging

eBook for Job seekers and Recruiters - A Click Away Jobs

A Click Away Jobs - By Yogesh M. A.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What People Want or Expect from YOU on Digital neighbourhood marketplaces? FAQ

1. People want to build Rapport with Expert Professionals like you.

2. People want to become your friend and would like to connect through various Social & Business networking web sites.

3. People would like to Hire you or Share business opportunities with you.

4. People want your valueable Reference to Hire people in their companies.

5. People want to invite you on their company website, personal or business blogs.

6. People Expect from you to share something that Benefits them.

7. People want you to share their posts on your Walls.

8. People expect from you to give your valueable Comment, Opinion or Feedback on their Social updates, blog posts or product promotion posts.

9. People expect from  you to participate in theire online or offline events like meetup,  seminar, training programs and other gatherings.

10. People  want to know more about YOU & your skills, your expertise, your work, your achivements so that they can also Appriciate and offer RIGHT opportunities with you on RIGHT time.

By Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is Digital Marketing in 21st century Era? How do They do it?

Sharing your value added knowledge about YOU, your products, services, your product promotions, your Industry, market trends, Business opportuities etc. with your Digital Business networks and many  other digital platforms is  popularly known as Digital Marketing in todays New Era.

Digital marketing includes following Four Key activities -

1. Creating Awareness or creating your "Digital Footprints"  on digital marketplaces.

A. Create/Update blog/Website/Business blog

B. Connect/Create/Update  Friends network and Professionals network.

C. Connect Like Minded People & make strong digital Business networks.

2. Creating Demand or Digital Influence - through sharing your Image/Brand building Knowledge on your blog and with Like minded persons networks.

3. Measure  Demand or traffic analytics - through  various digital platforms.

4. Measure Effectiveness or Results - Keep eye on Likes, Comments, Views, Replies, Web stats and many other statistics to get Ideas about your knowledge sharing activities.

1. Your BLOG can become a  Digital Communicater between you and digital marketplaces.

2. Like minded persons strong network can help you to CREATE Awareness about your products and services on digital marketplaces.

3. You can create demand or your digital influence through digital marketing.

4. You can easily measure effectiveness of your digital marketing activities.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing trainer from Mumbai, India.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I didn`t Know This - Top 5 avoidable Mistakes for Expert Digital Marketers.

1. Connecting Unknown People - 

Do not send Invite or Friend request to those people whom you don't know or connected through any group or any other network. Instead of sending Invite for connection, 

Solution -Try to know them before connecting them. 

A. Ask questions in various groups to get answers from like minded people.
B. Answer in various platforms so that more like minded people will know about you.
C. Share your knowledge through your Blog, Business network.
D. Make presentations on your knowledge.

2. Connecting Wrong people -

If you are looking for JOBS then you need to connect HR people from your prospective and related Industries only. Connect those people whom you can help or seeking help from them. Do not create "only" Friends network.

Solution - Connect Like Minded People only.

3. Tagging  your network members - 

If someone TAG you without your permission that time what will be your opinion? Answer is no one like it.

Solution - Avoid it.

4. Sending messeges or e-mails to known and unknown people again and again -

If you wanted to share anything to your business network then use Update feature time to time.

Solution - Avoid Spaming

5. Using Reply All button -

Email had invented for one to one communication purpose only.

Solution - Do not use Reply All button.

Above all Five activities coming into Mistakes  Category. I had tried to find out another Words but couldn`t find appropriate Word.

If you wanted to become successful on Digital Marketplaces then you need to take above five mistakes as a Challenge  so that you can Discover  New Ways, New Strategies  for New Marketplaces.

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Yogesh M. A.

Digital Leadership Expert