Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I didn`t Know This - Top 5 avoidable Mistakes for Expert Digital Marketers.

1. Connecting Unknown People - 

Do not send Invite or Friend request to those people whom you don't know or connected through any group or any other network. Instead of sending Invite for connection, 

Solution -Try to know them before connecting them. 

A. Ask questions in various groups to get answers from like minded people.
B. Answer in various platforms so that more like minded people will know about you.
C. Share your knowledge through your Blog, Business network.
D. Make presentations on your knowledge.

2. Connecting Wrong people -

If you are looking for JOBS then you need to connect HR people from your prospective and related Industries only. Connect those people whom you can help or seeking help from them. Do not create "only" Friends network.

Solution - Connect Like Minded People only.

3. Tagging  your network members - 

If someone TAG you without your permission that time what will be your opinion? Answer is no one like it.

Solution - Avoid it.

4. Sending messeges or e-mails to known and unknown people again and again -

If you wanted to share anything to your business network then use Update feature time to time.

Solution - Avoid Spaming

5. Using Reply All button -

Email had invented for one to one communication purpose only.

Solution - Do not use Reply All button.

Above all Five activities coming into Mistakes  Category. I had tried to find out another Words but couldn`t find appropriate Word.

If you wanted to become successful on Digital Marketplaces then you need to take above five mistakes as a Challenge  so that you can Discover  New Ways, New Strategies  for New Marketplaces.

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Yogesh M. A.

Digital Leadership Expert