Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is Digital Marketing in 21st century Era? How do They do it?

Sharing your value added knowledge about YOU, your products, services, your product promotions, your Industry, market trends, Business opportuities etc. with your Digital Business networks and many  other digital platforms is  popularly known as Digital Marketing in todays New Era.

Digital marketing includes following Four Key activities -

1. Creating Awareness or creating your "Digital Footprints"  on digital marketplaces.

A. Create/Update blog/Website/Business blog

B. Connect/Create/Update  Friends network and Professionals network.

C. Connect Like Minded People & make strong digital Business networks.

2. Creating Demand or Digital Influence - through sharing your Image/Brand building Knowledge on your blog and with Like minded persons networks.

3. Measure  Demand or traffic analytics - through  various digital platforms.

4. Measure Effectiveness or Results - Keep eye on Likes, Comments, Views, Replies, Web stats and many other statistics to get Ideas about your knowledge sharing activities.

1. Your BLOG can become a  Digital Communicater between you and digital marketplaces.

2. Like minded persons strong network can help you to CREATE Awareness about your products and services on digital marketplaces.

3. You can create demand or your digital influence through digital marketing.

4. You can easily measure effectiveness of your digital marketing activities.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing trainer from Mumbai, India.

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