Monday, October 31, 2011

I Didn't Know This - The World population reaches 7 billion

Monday, October 24, 2011

What is Web2.0 ?

Web2.0 is popularly known as a Next level website building. Earlier only programmer could create websites and without programming no one could make their website. So that website building was so much expensive and only few companies and individuals were able to make websites. Now anyone can website make website with the help of Web2.0

Benefits of Web2.0
  1. Anyone can create website in few minutes.
  2. You can register your domain name and easily map to your website.
  3. You can easily change website design.
  4. You can add content, edit content, delete content in few moments.
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What is your Digital footprint? How to Create your digital Footprints on Online Digital Neighborhood?

Digital footprints : 

When some one wanted to find you online that time that person can easily find your various social media profiles and through these profiles your customer or your prospective employers can learn a lot about you.

When your customers, partners, investors, suppliers & distributors can easily find you through your social profile id's which is popularly known as a footprints.

How to Create your digital Footprints : 
  1. Register on various social networking sites.
  2. Register on Cloud computing websites.
  3. Create your profile 100% complete.
  4. Create your personnel Blog
  5. Create your vCard
Benefits -
  1. When someone type your name in search engines people can easily find you.
  2. They can easily evaluate you.
  3. They can learn about you very fast.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook now crossed 800 Million Users worldwide

Facebook now has 800 Million Users.