Friday, November 2, 2012

Tips & Tricks - Digital Business Communication Tips - :) Smile Please through digital way

Hi Friends :)

Recently I had received following interesting message from my Business network member.

A Smile is the Best Credit Card because

1. Accepted worldwide
2. Auto Reload
3. Unlimited Usage
4. No payment at all
5. Makes everyone Happy

On Digital marketplaces we are interacting with many people through E-mail, Chat, Social Updates, Tweets etc.

I remember one person had been always using :) emoticon begining of the Chat or message, It impresed me very much. It was like this

Hi  Yogesh :)
How are you

Now I also begin my conversations like this.

This Smile emoticon create strong Impact. People like smile in conversations.

We are using this :) emoticon many time in our chat conversations.

You can build rapport with your business network through effective communication strategies.

Tip of the Day - Strategy -
Use :) Smily emoticon Every Time When you Start your Digital Conversation on E-mail, Chat or Social Updates.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Leadership Expert from Mumbai, India, Asia.

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