Monday, November 19, 2012

FAQ by Busy Executives - How to Schedule my Social Media Updates, My Tweets, My blog posts on various social media sites?

5 Keys to Leverage Social media time management Strategy & update your various social media sites as per your schedule date & time.

1.  - Social media Time management.

Key Benefits - Publish your social updates as per your suitable date & time on your Facebook newsfeed, your Facebook Pages & your Twitter.

2. - Blogging Time Management.

Key Benefits - You can create a schedule for your blog post & publish it as per your suitable Date & Time.

3. - RSS feed Management & Social media Integration.

Key Benefits -
A. You can connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin through your blogs RSS feeds.
B. When you publish on your blog that time help you to publish one tweet or update (with short URL of your blog post) on your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

4. Connectivity - Connect your Twitter handle to your Linkedin profile.

Key Benefits - When you Publish your Update on Linkedin it will also help you to publish same update in your Twitter wall.

5. Connectivity - Connect your Twitter handle to your Facebook profile.

Key Benefits - When you publish any tweet on twitter then same tweet or update will also publish on your Facebook newsfeed.

Twitter gives you an opportunity to connect many social media sites.

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