Friday, November 16, 2012

Personal Branding Influence Checklist- How to Check / Measure / Track your Digital Social Media Marketing efforts ?

You can check your Social Media Influence Ranking with the help of following websites.


You can start using following web tracking tools to get your websites visitors traffic details.


You can also keep eye on following 10 Key points to keep track of your Digital Social Media Marketing efforts &  Track Digital Personal Branding Trends of your Business Networks, Social Networks & Your Website.

Ask following Key questions to yourself to get proper statistics about your efforts -

1. How many network members endorsing you everyday?

2. How many Customers Recommendations & Feedback you are getting each day?

3. How many people click Like button, give comments, share your social updates on various social and business networking websites and on your blog posts?

4. How many people reading your each blog post? How much web traffic your blog / website getting per day?

5. What Keywords people typing in search engines to find your blog or website?

6. Your website appears in search engines through which keywords? How many Keywords?

7. How many Invites you are receiving through various social & business networking websites?

8. How many people checking your profiles on various social communities?

9. How many inquiries you are receiving through digital marketing activities?

10. How many business network members buying your products and services?