Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Activities or Tasks every Digital Marketers must do every day to improve your Personal Brand? FAQ by Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

Following 4 Key Activities will help you to build your Digital Personal Brand Image on digital neighborhood.

If you can invest few minutes on following activities everyday, then you can easily build Like minded persons business network.

1. Be Proactive - Ask & Answer your Industry related queries. Share your Solutions. Share your Knowledge.  Refer experts.

Key Benefits - Create opportunities to HELP & MEET  prospective customers on digital neighborhood on daily basis.

2. Learn & Share your Knowledge - Read Updates, Read Tweets, Write Blog posts and keep yourself & your business network updated time to time.

Key Benefits - Keep eye on latest happening in your business & stay updated to grab & share opportunities on right time with right people.

3. Law of Reciprocation - Appriciate others Updates, tweets, blog posts through  Like' & 'Comments' tools. You must share & retweet useful posts by your Social Friends on your social wall.

Key Benefits - Create Win-Win opportunities to grow faster & help your social friends communities. If you promote others in your network then others will also promote you in their network

4. Share your new & old blog posts through Retweet button on your blog.

Key Benefits - Promote your blog content via Retweet button.

Yogesh M. A.
Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India, Asia.

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