Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Digital Time Management & Positioning- 6 Keys to Leverage Win-Win Strategy for Digital Marketing Leadership. How do You do this?

1. Business Networking Strategy - Find Opportunities and Adopt Key Technologies & Marketplaces to Communicate, Meet, Connect, Collaborate with your Customers, Where they are.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Connect Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build Strong Business Network.

2. Invest in Relationships Strategy - If you are looking for Help from Others then Start Helping people from your Business Network. Make a habit of Helping people to get Excellence in Customer Retention Strategy.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Help Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build bigger, better and helpful Friends Network.

3. Sharing is Caring Strategy - On Digital marketplaces if you want to explore viral effects for your Marketing Promotion Campaigns, your Blog posts, Updates or Tweets, Presentations, Videos etc. then YOU need to START Sharing, Liking, Commenting on other persons blog posts, Social Updates & Tweets. This Strategy also popularly known as Customer Conversation Strategy.

Action for win-win opportunity - Invest Time to Promote Like minded People on your Business Network.

Key Benefits - Build Rapport with Like minded persons.

4. Event Marketing Strategy or Customer Engagement Strategy- If you are organizing Business Events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Lecture, Training Workshops, Business Lunch meeting etc. & would like to promote (Market or Targeting Audience) in your Business Network then before that you must Attend many Business events organized by others and grab opportunity to meet your Business network members.

Action for win-win opportunities - Invest Time to Meet Like minded People.

Key Benefits - Build offline visibility in your Business network.

5. Hunters Strategy or Customer Targeting Strategy - If you are Job Hunting or Marketing your products and Services then FIND your prospective Employers or Customers Footprints (like customer websites/blogs, network members updates, understand their problems so that you can offer your products and services solutions etc.) or CREATE your Footprints on various digital community platforms.

Action for win-win opportunities- Invest Time to Learn Customer needs.

Key Benefits - Discover your Customer needs.

6. Farmers Organic Strategy or Customer Acquisition Strategy- Create your own Community (Blog /website / group/ business networks /product catalogs / presentations / videos) on Glocal Digital Planet.

Action for win-win opportunities - Invest time to Create your Digital Brand Property.

Key Benefits - Build your Digital Brand Positioning & Attract Customers Attention.

Yogesh M. A. 
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