Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twitter FAQ - How to build Bigger, Better, Effective, Potential & Targeted followers network on Twitter?

Building network on Twitter is easy and also difficult task. Its easy because huge number of professionals using Twitter. Its difficult because you have more choices to select Like Minded People from large amount of people on Twitter.

You can Leverage Twitter using following 7 tips list to drive traffic on your blog or website & building big network on twitter.

Step 1 - Follow people on Twitter. You can also check this website http://wefollow.com

Key Benefits - Create opportunities to build your Footprints.

Step 2 - Follow Back your twitter followers.

Key Benefits - Create Win-Win opportunity to build big followers network.

Step 3 - Share Quality content tweets & connect your blog to your twitter handle.

Key Benefits - Attract your current and prospective followers, employers, customers etc.

Step 4 - Search 'Link Minded People'  with the help of http://www.tweepi.com

Key Benefits - Build your Twitter network more effectively.

Step 6 -  Read Tweets and Re-tweets

Key Benefits - Learn & Grab opportunities from reading tweets on right time.

Step 7 - Connect your Twitter handle to various social networking sites.

Key Benefits - Expand your network and publish your tweets in various network simultaneously.