Sunday, November 11, 2012

Digital Empowerment - How to Leverage Digital Collaboration or Cloud Computing Technologies? FAQ by Sales & Marketing Professionals

1. If you are a Sales person and would like to Send or Share sales quotations, products catalog with your current or prospective Customers then SHARE your promotional marketing material with the help of

Key Benefits -
A. No need to send your document via e-mail attachment.
B. You can share simple URL of your document and your client can see your document online.
C. Every time your client open your shared documents, you will get one e-mail acknowledgement.

2. If you are a Business Owner & would like to Work from Home Computer or your Laptop Computer, your Smartphone or Tablet Computer then use to connect all devices to share your files.

Key Benefits - You can access your files from any device and Work from anywhere.

3. If you are using Smartphone or Tablet Computer and would like to write content and like to access that content from your Computer then use service.

Key Benefits - You can take notes via your SmartPhone or Tablet Computers and can access that files from your computer or any other device. You can get an Opportunity Work from any device.

4. Would you like to Share your presentations with your customers online then upload your presentations and documents on

Key Benefits - You can publish your presentations on your website or blog also with the help of

5. Would you like to make documents, presentations online then use office tools.

Key Benefits - You can have your online office with the help of Google Docs.

6. Would you like to make your personal e-mail id on your own domain name then use

Key Benefits - You can have many other services on your domain with the help of Google Apps.

7. Would you like to make your own Blog / Website on your own domain then use

Key Benefits - You can make your blog easily on Blogger.

8. Would you like to know Traffic of your Website / Blog then use

Key Benefits - You can get various types of traffic  analysis about your blog or website.

9. Would you like to SHARE your product Video with your customers then use

Key Benefits - You can Share your products video on your blog or websites also with the help of YouTube.

Similarly many tools and services empowering sales and marketing people today.

If you have any specific question on above collaboration or cloud computing tools then kindly contact me. I would be very glad to help you. For more FAQ's check this Link.

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