Friday, November 16, 2012

FAQ - Twitter ReTweet & other Social bookmarking Tools - How to Drive Web Traffic on your Blog / Website through Social bookmarking buttons?

Step 1

Sharing your knowledge is the best Advertising and Marketing and for that you need a personal blog.
Make your personal blog first to start Smarter digital personal branding on Internet & start effective digital marketing blogging activities to build strong business network of like minded people on digital neighborhood.
Following websites can help you to make your personal blog.


Step 2

Add Social Bookmarking buttons on your blog with the help of

Key Benefits for Expert Sales & Marketing Professionals -

1. Begin Implementation of Digital Time Management Strategy for your blog promotions in social media marketplaces.

2. Save your Valuable Time. Simply click on social bookmarketing button to promote your blog post on various Social Media websites.

3. You can Retweet your new & old blog posts time to time & educate your social friends from various time zones.

4. When someone Click on Facebook 'Like' button on your blog post that time 'that blog post update' appears in that persons Facebook wall.

5. You can ask your Team members to promote your promotional material on your blog with the help of social bookmarking tool.

6. You can send perticular blog post through e-mail also with the help of social bookmarking tools.

7. You can have an opportunity to get Web Traffic from your social friends network & their friends network also with the help of social bookmarking tools.

8. So more Retweet can bring more traffic on your blog.

How many time you do Retweet?

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