Friday, November 9, 2012

Digital Personal Branding Strategy - 4 Keys to Leverage Blogging for Customer Acquisition. How do Experts Do This?

1. Create  - Your Digital Personal Brand Positioning on digital neighborhood.

A. Create your personal Blog to Reach New B2B & B2C Customers on Internet.

Key Benefit Tips - Beginning of your Digital Personal Branding & Business networking on digital planet.

B. Create your 'Elevator Pitch' Presentation or 'Video Resume' and publish it on your Blog's 'About Us' page.

For example check this link

Key Benefits - You can give presentation via your blog.

C. Create your Personal Branding Image Building Content on your blog to Get Attention from your prospective customers and other like minded people. Build your own Brand Property Content.

Key Benefits - Share your Key knowledge to impress your digital audience and Build your Credibility.

D. Create your short introduction letter for your social & business networking connections and publish it in your 'Contact Us' page.

For example check this link

Key Benefits - Build digital business network with the help of your blog.

E. Create your QR code and publish it in 'Contact Us' page.

Key Benefits -  Stay Connected to Smart phone and Tablet users.

2. Connect - Key communities to your Blog.

A. RSS feeds - You can connect your blog to your Twitter Handle with the help of

Key Benefits -  When you publish new post on your blog that time will create automatic Tweet with short URL of your blog which will appear on your twitter wall.

B. Comment Tool - You can add unique comments tool with the help of on your blog.

Key Benefits - Many social media sites users can publish comments on your blog.

C. E-mail community - Add e-mail subscription tool on your blog to connect your blog readers. This is popularly known as Opt-in E-mail marketing or premission based e-mail marketing. You are promoting your blog with Like minded people through e-mail.

Key Benefits -  When you publish new post on your blog these readers will get automatic email from your blog.

3. Collaborate - with Key Technologies

A. Publish your presentations on and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - You can give product and services demo through your blog. Opportunity to educate people through presentations on Internet.

B. Publish your Videos on and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - Broadcast your Ideas through your blog. Showcase your skills through videos.

C. Create various types of FORMS with the help of and publish it on your blog.

Key Benefits - Collect data through your blog.

D. You can create polls on Various polls creation websites and Share your polls on your blog.

Key Benefits -  Get survey, opinions through your blog.

4. Conversations - Communication with customers 24/7

A. Ask your business network members to SHARE their opinions & comments on your blog.

Key Benefits - Engage with people through your blog.

B. Ask your blog readers to connect you through various social & business networking sites.

Key Benefits - Build readers network through your blog.


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