Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Embedded Effect for Brand Positioning on Digital Marketplaces- How to publish Video's, Presentations, Polls & Survyes, Images on my blog? FAQ by Busy Sales & Marketing Professionals

You can use Embedded codes to publish your various types of Personal Branding Promotional content on your blog & establish your Digital Brand Positioning on Digital neighborhood Marketplaces.

Many websites has been providing embedded code to publish their content on your websites / blog.
As a sales and marketing Professional you must know this latest web application tool to communicate & collaborate with your customers through your blog & build your personal brand or online reputation in Like minded customers community.

1. How to Publish your presentations on your blog?

You can make your profile on and upload your presentations on your profile. Now you can simply copy embedded code of each presentation and publish it on your blog.

2. How to Publish your Video's on your blog?

You can create your account on and upload your video's in your account and publish your videos on your blog with the help of embedded code.

3. How to Publish your Polls & Survyes on your blog?

Create your poll in Linkedin and copy embedded code to publish your poll on your blog.

4. How to Publish Images / Photos album or slideshow on your blog?

You can create your account on & publish your photos / images / album on your blog with the help of embedded code.

Key Benefits for Sales and Marketing Professionals -

1. Give direct presentations through your blog.
2. Save your time to meet your current & prospective customer.
3. Give product demo online with the help of presentations, product videos etc.
4. Share your product catalogs with the help of your blog and start building your digital personal branding on digital neighborhood marketplaces.